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On August 23, 2011, three firefighters and one retired firefighter Tiffin Fire Rescue Division in Tiffin, Ohio made the journey to New York to take possession of a large steel artifact from the World Trade Center Towers that collapsed on September 11, 2001. Captain Matt Palmer, Firefighter Chris Hafley, Firefighter Gary Amlin, and retired Firefighter Mark Wagner traveled to JFK Airport Hangar #17 to retrieve the 17.5 long steel center column that weighs 6,238 pounds. The column brought back to Tiffin, Ohio will be part of the Tiffin Police and Fire All Patriots Memorial to be constructed along the Sandusky River in the heart of the city of Tiffin.

The memorial is in the fund raising phase at this time, the memorial committee who is overseeing the design, funding and construction of the project is planning construction to begin in July 2012 with completion by September 11, 2012. The Memorial will honor the Line of Duty deaths in the Tiffin Police and Fire departments in the city, and the historical events of September 11, 2001. The Memorial site is 16,200 square feet at the corner of North Washington St. and Water St. The Memorial site will feature a platform of 2X4 cast concrete slabs, within this area there will be five 9 thick granite slabs that will be placed together and upright in a pentagon shape representing the loss at the pentagon. The World Trade Center steel will be seated across the top of the granite and will rest at a 9.11 angle approximately 4 off the ground. The site will include a grassy mound that will have a 40 granite pedestal that represents Flight 93 crash and the 40 passengers and crew that lost their lives that day. The entrance to the memorial is off North Washington St., this memorial pathway will include 3x 24 gray tone pavers that will have donors to the memorial names engraved in them. The site also will have 3 flagpoles facing east; the 30 flagpole will fly the United States flag. On each side of the U.S flag will fly the National Fallen Police flag and the National Fallen Firefighters flag. The United States flagpole will be strategically placed so that on every September 11th the sun will shine on the United States flag and it will cast a shadow across the World Trade Center steel resting on the granite pentagon. The granite memorial will have the names of the fallen Tiffin Police and Firefighters engraved on one granite slab, along with engravings of the fire and police patches. The memorial will include box type seats distributed throughout the memorial platform for reflection. The site will also feature a red maple to pull in the rust color of the beam and contrast the gray tones used in the pavers. A Callery Pear tree will be planted at the site to symbolize the survivor tree at ground zero. Placed at the site will be a brief description of the events of September 11, 2001 for historical recognition of the day.

Included are site renderings of what the memorial will look like when construction is complete in September 2012. Unveiling of the memorial would be the week of September 11th, 2012.   You can view those photos on our "Photos" page.

 The memorial will feature a beam from the Twin Towers that was salvaged and given to the city of Tiffin and will be located at the former Firestone property. Only 1,200 such artifacts have been released around the world. Our goal is to raise $125,000 for construction of the memorial.


Our Committee:

 Chris Hafley  -  Chairman
 Matt Coleman
 Jill Gosche
 Dave Horn
 Mike Longanbach
 David Miller
 Scott McDole
 Mike Steyer
 Dick Wyka


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